U.S. Army to boost armoured brigade with $190m BAE deal

The deal, centred on the continued production of the Bradley A4 vehicle, comprises more than 70 M2A4 Infantry Fighting Vehicles and M7A4 Fire Support Team Vehicles.

“The Bradley is a crucial vehicle for the Armoured Brigade Combat Teams today because it allows the Army to transport troops to the fight while providing cover fire to suppress enemy vehicles and troops,” commented Dan Furber, director of ground vehicle production for BAE Systems.

He emphasised the significance of updating the Bradley Fighting Vehicle by stating, “It’s imperative the Bradley Fighting Vehicle is upgraded to keep our Soldiers unmatched on the battlefield for years to come.”

The recent award follows the Early Order Material awards received in August and November 2022. As a continuation of the Army’s endeavours to modernise its combat vehicles, there will be upgrades from the M2A2 Operation Desert Storm – Situational Awareness (ODS-SA) variant.

Bradley A4, the new entrant in the fleet, boasts of enhanced mobility, including an engine with increased horsepower for quick reactions in combative situations. Enhancements also feature upgrades for improved survivability against threats such as IEDs, coupled with advances in computing systems to heighten situational awareness for troops.

The contract mandates the commencement of the project at various locations, including the Red River Army Depot in Texarkana, Texas, and multiple BAE Systems facilities scattered across the U.S., from Aiken, South Carolina to York, Pennsylvania.

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