Security Services

Ascension Collective

Your business operation faces a growing number of risks from an array of sources. Issues of corporate governance and duty of care increase the pressure on your business at home and add to the difficulties of working in hostile and difficult regions of the world.

Ascension Collective is a security, risk management and service support company that identifies and manages risks. Our expertise allows your business to operate and develop, unhindered and unrestricted. We can provide the following services:

  • Event Security
  • Security Training
  • Consultancy
  • Dog Handlers
  • CCTV installation and equipment.
  • Investigation and background checking
  • Media Protection and Close Protection
  • Football Stewards and SIA personnel.

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The Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Draft Bill, Protect Duty/ Martyn’s Law: Research Briefing 16 October 2023

The Research Paper reads- ‘The Home Affairs Committee conducted pre-legislative scrutiny of the Bill and published a report in July 2023. The Committee welcomed the Government’s overall intention behind the Bill, but expressed ‘serious concerns’ about its proportionality, especially in relation to the impact on small businesses, voluntary and community-run organisations. The Government has not yet responded to the Committee’.