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We are very passionate about helping people find what they need and helping the businesses that provide these services succeed.

We are driving a shift towards a demand-based, digital economy for service businesses, helping them find new customers and manage their customers better. We also look to improve communities and well being where possible, and there is something for everyone. Join our journey.

Our organization advocates for the rights and social integration of small businesses. There’s just one thing missing: you. 

We are passionate for find jobs for people that deserve them, helping small businesses with sales leads, to provide training and education to those that do not know where to look. 

Are you interesting in volunteering for our organization, or are you looking for assistance yourself? Contact us and become part of our community!

A powerful network for a stronger community

With over 3,000 active members, our organization forms a strong and reliable network. This allows us to advocate in the local community and work directly with the people we serve.

Everyday support for the Sole Traders and small businesses.

We pursue close relationships with business owners so that we can reach those in need of assistance and provide support in their everyday lives.

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Integration instead of exclusion

Supporting the business community requires direct communication and assistance. That’s why our specialists and volunteers work hard to develop and maintain social relationships with the people they serve.