About Us

Our story

Gold Tree has always had community at its heart. Founded in 2018 by four friends, their aim was to build a community where people like them could find everything they needed to settle into a new city: a job, a place to live, and build their small businesses up. What they created was the first online business referral platform’s in the UK – a space where people could come together to help each other out in small ways. 

Today, Gold Tree remains one of the UK’s effective online business support sites serving communities up and down the UK, helping people find what they need most, affordably and locally. Gold Tree provides a platform for people to connect around a life stage, a need, a pastime, passion or interest, from new parents looking for childcare and nursery equipment, to bike enthusiasts, fuelling their passion. 

So whether it’s a buyer for your new business idea, a new car to get you from A-B, a job, a house or new flat, Gold Tree makes Good Finds happen. Importantly, Gold Tree gives back, and that businesses have the ability to ‘plant a tree’ opposed to be charged for a service. This imitative has helped grow the community with like minded people around the World.

Sienna is the Head of Partnerships for Gold Tree. She is happy to discuss all opportunities to help promote your network, business or community.

Jobs are sometimes hard to find, although we have a tried and tested method of supporting Recruiters, who in turn advertise with us for FREE.

Finding new customers is hard enough, although what if there was a platform that they are already on, looking for bargains, exciting products and latest gadgets. Now you have found as well.

The service list is huge and not exhaustive, we always are looking for helping as many communities as we can. So list your business today.

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You can apply for our certified supplier program, showing the World that you value their custom.