Armed Services

A career in the Armed Forces could be for you.

Thinking on joining the British Army?

A job like no other

The Army offers you challenge and adventure that you simply can’t find in any other job.

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A career for the Royal Air Force is within reach.

There’s nothing like a career in the RAF, it’s not just a job but a way of living. We give everyone access to training and activities so they can reach their potential and grow alongside the RAF in the UK and abroad.

Between work travel and sport no two days will be the same yet you’ll have the perfect life balance between RAF and home.

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A life in the Royal Navy is a rewarding one filled with adventure, possibilities – and job security.

Whatever branch you join, you’ll receive all the support you need to fulfil your ambitions, travel, and go further than you ever have before, with the best-friends you’ll ever make. Our world-class training will fully prepare you for whatever role you choose; whether you’re on our world-class ships, cutting edge aircraft or submarine service.

There are more than 100 different roles in the Royal Navy. To join, you need to submit an application form via the Royal Navy website. Check you’re eligible and find out more about the joining process, preparation, training and choosing the right role for you.

Thinking about hiring a veteran or ex-services personnel?

The new #Veteran Employer Guide was launched by Johnny Mercer.

The Guide supports employers, large or small, seeking to utilise the great skills veterans bring to business. You can get the Guide here:

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